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How to Get Free Diamonds on Fishdom

Fishdom, the popular mobile game, offers an immersive underwater experience where players can build and decorate their dream aquariums. The game features an in-game currency called diamonds, which play a crucial role in acquiring various resources and advancing through the levels. While diamonds can be purchased with real money, many players are always on the lookout for ways to acquire them for free. In this blog post, we will uncover some legitimate methods to get Fishdom free diamonds without resorting to cheats or hacks.

Daily Rewards and Challenges:

Fishdom provides daily rewards and challenges to its players. By logging in regularly, players can earn diamonds as part of these rewards. Additionally, completing daily challenges, such as feeding fish, cleaning the aquarium, or participating in events, can also grant you free diamonds. Make it a habit to log in frequently to take advantage of these opportunities.

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Level Completion and Achievement Unlocks:

Progressing through the game and completing levels will reward you with diamonds. Each level you conquer has the potential to offer you a few diamonds. Additionally, Fishdom has various achievements and milestones that, when reached, grant you additional diamonds. Keep an eye on these achievements and work towards unlocking them to accumulate more diamonds.

Participate in Tournaments and Events:

Fishdom often hosts tournaments and special events where players can compete against each other or engage in specific challenges. By actively participating and performing well in these events, you can earn diamonds as rewards. These events usually have different tiers of rewards, and the higher you rank, the more diamonds you can obtain. Stay updated on the latest events and make sure to participate to increase your chances of earning free diamonds.

Spin the Daily Wheel:

Fishdom offers a daily wheel spin feature that grants various rewards, including diamonds. Make it a habit to spin the wheel every day to maximize your chances of obtaining free diamonds. It only takes a few seconds and can potentially provide you with a significant number of diamonds over time.

Watch Ads and Complete Offers:

Fishdom provides players with the option to watch video ads or complete offers to earn rewards, including diamonds. Keep an eye out for these opportunities within the game and take advantage of them whenever available. Watching a short video or completing a simple task can often reward you with a decent amount of diamonds.

Connect to Social Media:

Linking your Fishdom account to your social media profiles, such as Facebook, can yield additional rewards. Fishdom occasionally runs promotions where players who connect their accounts to social media platforms receive exclusive bonuses, including diamonds. Take advantage of these promotions to bolster your diamond stash.


While diamonds are a valuable currency in Fishdom, it's important to remember that the game is designed to provide an enjoyable experience for players of all budgets. By following the methods mentioned above, you can earn free diamonds within the game without resorting to unethical practices. Embrace the challenges, participate in events, and make use of the various opportunities the game provides. Let your creativity flow and build your dream aquarium with the help of these free diamonds. Dive into the world of Fishdom and have fun while you collect your precious diamonds along the way!


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