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Power Soccer

Power soccer is a fast-paced game played using a power wheelchair, 13-inch soccer ball, and 4 players on each side. One player is the goalie, and the other 3 attack, defend, and spin-kick the ball down the field and in between two posts which make up the goal. Power soccer players have a wide array of conditions and abilities, and adaptations can be added to your power wheelchair that will allow you to participate. Come out, try something new, and learn about the unique rules about power soccer from the US Power Soccer Association coaches and what makes it different from other adaptive forms of soccer. There is an activity for everyone, and we want to get everyone involved in playing soccer in the best and most comfortable way for them.

Meet the Coaches

Coach Tony Jackson

Tony began playing power soccer in 2009 with Arizona Disabled Sports in Mesa, AZ. In 2012, he started a program at the Ability360 Sports & Fitness Center in Phoenix. In 2013, he moved to Minnesota to work at Power Soccer Shop, the leading supplier of power soccer equipment. He also helped form the Minnesota Shockwave, who won their division in 2014 and earned promotion to the US Power Soccer Association’s top division.

January 2015, he was hired by Northeast Passage in Durham, NH to oversee and develop their power soccer program. After four years of building Northeast Passage into one of the top programs in the US, Tony returned to Phoenix and Ability360 in January 2019, where he reprised his role as Power Soccer Coordinator.

In addition, served on the US Power Soccer Executive Board from 2013-2018 as Eastern Regional Director. Tony has also had the honor and privilege to provide play-by-play commentary for numerous national and international power soccer tournaments, including the 2017 FIPFA World Cup.

Coach Mark Pratt

Mark started playing power soccer at age 50, joining the DASA Dynamites in 2005 where he played for 8 seasons. In 2014, he along with other Power Soccer families formed Saint Louis Power Soccer United, where he continues to play and is also President. Mark has been Team Manager for the last 2 World Cup teams, in 2011 and 2017. Mark has 39 years working as a Microbiologist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He and his wife Ann have been married for 34 years and have one daughter, Maren.

Watch and Learn More

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