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Amputee Soccer

Amputee soccer is an amazing opportunity for individuals with amputations to interact and compete in an athletic experience. This sport allows athletes to find new chances to stay active and become involved in a community with similar values and experiences. Amputee soccer is an empowering adaptive sport for athletes with amputation(s). Although similar to able-bodied soccer, the rules are adjusted to best fit game play stamina for these athletes. Amputee soccer is played on a ¾ sized field with 7 players per side. There are six players on the field and one goalkeeper. The goalkeeper has an upper extremity amputation whereas the outfielders have a lower extremity amputation and use forearm crutches since they play without their prosthesis.

Programs are available nationally and work at the local level to get athletes involved. The American Amputee Soccer Association provides great information on the mission of the sport. Amputee soccer as a whole works to help interested players become introduced to the sport, maximize an athlete’s proficiency, build self-confidence in players, learn the value and power of teamwork, and build a strong and unified social network.

Meet the Coaches

Coach Nico Calabria

Nico Calabria, born with one leg and hip, has played soccer his whole life, first with non-disabled athletes, and more recently in the adaptive sports world. When Nico turned 16, he was invited to play in his first international amputee soccer match against Mexico. Since then, Nico has been the captain of the US National Amputee Soccer Team, leading the US in the last two world cups. The USNAST recently qualified for the 2022 Amputee Soccer World Cup to be held in Istanbul this coming October. Nico holds the USNAST goals scored record at 32 and plans to participate in the sport for years to come. In addition, Nico is the director of the New England Revolution Amputee Soccer Team which offers opportunities for amputees to access the sport of soccer in the Boston area. When not playing soccer, Nico teaches 7th-grade social studies at Concord Middle School in Massachusetts, coaches high school soccer and wrestling, and enjoys golfing and spending time in the great outdoors.

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