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State of Survival Free Biocaps and Diamonds 2023 Hack

State of Survival is an immersive mobile strategy game that plunges players into a post-apocalyptic world teeming with zombies. To thrive and build a formidable settlement, one crucial resource stands out: diamonds. Diamonds provide the means to expedite progress and unlock exciting features. While they can be obtained through in-app purchases, this blog aims to reveal the methods to acquire free diamonds in State of Survival.

Daily Rewards:

The game rewards players with various incentives for logging in regularly. By consistently engaging with State of Survival, you can accumulate diamonds as part of the daily login rewards. Make it a habit to open the game every day and reap the benefits of these bonuses.

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Events and Achievements:

Participating in events and achieving specific milestones can yield a bounty of free diamonds. State of Survival frequently hosts time-limited events, which often offer diamond rewards upon completion. Additionally, the game includes various achievement systems, and meeting specific objectives will grant you a significant number of diamonds.

Join an Alliance:

Forming or joining an alliance in State of Survival not only adds a social element to the game but also offers numerous benefits, including free diamonds. Alliances frequently engage in alliance-based activities and challenges, which, when accomplished, provide diamonds as rewards. Collaborating with other players and contributing to the alliance's success can lead to a steady stream of free diamonds.

Daily Challenges and Quests:

State of Survival offers a range of daily challenges and quests that players can complete for rewards. These tasks often include activities such as upgrading buildings, defeating zombies, or gathering resources. By actively engaging with these daily challenges and quests, you can earn diamonds as part of your accomplishments.

Watch Advertisements:

Another method to acquire free diamonds in State of Survival is by watching advertisements. The game occasionally presents the option to view short video ads in exchange for in-game rewards, including diamonds. Keep an eye out for these opportunities and take advantage of them to accumulate extra diamonds over time.

Participate in Contests:

Periodically, State of Survival organizes contests where players can compete against each other for prizes. These contests can revolve around different aspects of the game, such as combat or resource management. By participating actively and performing well in these contests, you can secure free diamonds as rewards.

In-Game Promotions and Offers:

Occasionally, State of Survival may run in-game promotions and offers that grant free diamonds to players. Keep an eye on the game's announcements, events, and store pages to stay informed about any ongoing promotions that can help you acquire diamonds without spending real money.


Diamonds play a pivotal role in enhancing your State of Survival gameplay, enabling you to progress faster and enjoy additional features. While purchasing diamonds is an option, there are several ways to acquire them for free within the game. By diligently engaging with daily rewards, events, quests, and alliances, you can accumulate diamonds over time. Take advantage of in-game promotions and watch advertisements to supplement your diamond income. With these strategies in mind, you can harness the secrets to unlock the full potential of State of Survival without breaking the bank. Good luck, survivor!


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