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Explore one of the largest collections of interactive stories straight from your PC. The highly acclaimed Choices: Stories You Play is now available here at Explore and browse a massive selection from romance to horror. Make important decisions and uncover multiple endings with just a click of a button. Take your reading experience to the next level by trying out this brilliant app today.

Choices: Stories You Play is a freemium interactive stories app developed and published by Pixel berry in 2016. As the title description suggests, the app features a huge collection of interactive stories. For those new to the term, Interactive Stories employs the use of decision-making elements for the player to exploit. These stories or novels also come with multiple endings that are highly dependent on the player’s decision-making skills.

Choices: Stories You Play features 12 free-to-access categories and one VIP. Players can explore categories like mystery, horror, romance, young adult, and more. The best part is the new chapters, episodes, and stories added into the collection per week.


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