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Surveys for gift cards - thebridge$10

12 seconds ago. Surveys for gift cards. Seems like everywhere you look on the internet there’s an advertisement claiming that you can make hundreds of dollars sitting at home and doing paid surveys, all it takes is a few minutes of your time to make all this extra money every month.

Can you actually make hundreds, or thousands of dollars every month doing paid surveys? NO! But, you really can make money and most of the surveys really do only require a little bit of your time to complete.

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Aside from actually making some money by just answering some questions, lots of the surveys are really fun and interesting. You actually get to voice your opinions on new products before they even come out for sale to the public! Through doing surveys you’re actually helping manufacturers make products that are better suited to our needs.

Participating in surveys allows you to play a part in the way future products work and even in the way they smell! Manufacturers want to sell more products, they know the better we like their products the more we’ll buy, so not only are they willing to listen to our opinions they are also willing to pay for them!

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The actual amount that you can make by doing surveys differs with each company. It can also differ depending on the type or length of the survey you’re requested to participate in and in most instances the longer it takes to complete the survey the more you are paid.


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